Admissions, Financial Aid, First Year Experience, First Year Advising and Veterans Affairs will all be located in the Privateer Enrollment Center.

A Sneak Peek at the Privateer Enrollment Center

Right on schedule.

Build-out of the Privateer Enrollment Center is complete — and the PEC is now in final stages of preparation, move-in and decoration. When the fall semester starts, students at the University of New Orleans will be able to address all of their enrollment and student service needs in one place — whether they are purchasing parking passes or registering for classes.

Stop by the University’s Earl K. Long Library on Friday to see the “front of the house.” You’ll see that a true transformation has taken place.

New Signage

The first thing you will see as you walk into the Library is our new Privateer athletic logo, a sign of Privateer Pride. The UNO Athletics Department unveils the logo at 12:30 p.m. on Wednesday through a social media launch, “Piece Together the Privateer.” That night, we celebrate at a party for our friends and fans at Warehouse Grille. On Thursday, the new Privateer will go up on the walls of the main entrance hall to the University Library.

Signage will also change outside on the library windows and lawn monument, letting everyone know that the Privateer Enrollment Center is here to stay.


Beneath the big silver letters at right announcing the “Privateer Enrollment Center,” you will see 11 brand-new work stations. Admissions and financial aid officers will work with students from behind privacy counters to handle all student needs: registration, enrollment, tuition payment, parking passes, student identification cards, scholarship payments and other enrollment components. Three 70-inch television monitors will soon roll with footage of student life. At left is a station where students will stop and pose before a camera to get their student identification cards made.

At right, you will see five self-help computer stations, where students may register for classes and address other enrollment needs on brand-new PCs. You will also see a brightly lit waiting room, with write-on walls that serve as a giant whiteboard. Leave us a message if you like the new PEC.

Student Services

The Library’s first floor has been renovated to include offices for our Student Services staff: admissions, financial aid, orientation and first year experience, as well as Veterans’ Assistance and first-year academic advising. Move-in begins this week and everyone is excited.

Our Veterans’ Assistance Office will be located just inside the corridor, along with a private waiting room for veterans, who, because of government support, have special enrollment needs.

The Office of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs has just hired four new academic advisers and an academic adviser coordinator to help ensure that first-year students get – and stay – on the right academic track. Each college will also soon have its own adviser.

Getting students to graduate in their major of choice and on time is always a top priority for any university — and we want students to enjoy and receive the best academic experience possible during their years at UNO.

Student Success Center

Students will study, mingle and use University computers in our new Student Success Center, which will have comfortable lounge seating and work tables for students. Our five student success counselors will have private offices, where they can hold private appointments. Their top priority is to ensure that students develop the skills they need to succeed in college.

Gateway to the University

For many students and their parents, the PEC will be their first stop at the University. To welcome them, we added a presentation room with seating for as many as 50 people. Tours for prospective students will begin here with a welcome session and UNO video showcasing all the wonderful programs the University has to offer.

Our University interior designer, Deborah Hadaway, has worked with Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Brett Kemker, Director of Student Services Dave Meredith, Associate Director of Student Services Susan Dandridge, a host of other administration officials and Sherlock’s Construction Company to create a state-of-the-art and completely paperless office that is both wheelchair-accessible and environmentally sustainable.

I am beyond pleased with the work that this team has done to make the Privateer Enrollment Center a pleasing and professional gateway to the University.

Coming Soon

Coming this spring is a 1,200-square-foot Starbucks lounge to be run by the Starbucks Company. The Starbucks lounge will have all-glass windows, plush sofas and lounge-style seating and will replace the current coffee stand. Students will be able to get their coffee, study and visit with their friends right there in the Library lobby across the hallway from the Privateer Enrollment Center. The Earl K. Long Library will be an exciting new place and our students will have the best possible introduction to the University.

Walking in the doors to UNO, I promised a “one-stop-shop” experience for our students. My greatest thanks to all those who helped to make the PEC happen in such a short time and with great success.

Peter Fos